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Job Placement Services

Rockledge Institute maintains a Job Placement Assistance service to assist graduates. We furnish the names and addresses of potential employers and career opportunities.

Inquiries from other agencies regarding job placement assistance will be posted in the student break room and classroom to assist our graduates. Rockledge Institute will assist graduates with Job Placement Assistance to the best of our ability; however, we do not guarantee employment. There is no additional charge for Job Placement Assistance.

Soft Skills Training

In addition to offering excellent hands-on & online learning environments, all students are required to take mandatory soft skills training courses while enrolled in their program of choice.

Soft skills training is provided by Rockledge Institute to prepare better our graduates with the fundamental knowledge they need to be interpersonal and thriving in the workforce.


The purpose of Rockledge Institute is to develop professional Barbers, Cosmetologists and Pharmacy Technicians. Rockledge Institute understands the necessity of providing quality training to all of its students.

Working hours

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